elastic unwind and over end feed creel equipment
Over End - Elastic Feeding Concept

Over End feeding of elastic is relatively new to the diaper industry. However, the concept is far from new. The textile industry has used this method of feeding threads for over a century. Recent advances in equipment and material technologies have made this option available to the diaper industry.

With over end feeding, the core remains stationary while the thread is pulled off over the end of the active spool. The end of the thread that is nearest the core is exposed. This end is a transfer tail which is tied to the start of the reserve spool.

When the active spool is fully consumed, material will automatically be pulled from the reserve spool. The empty core is removed and a new reserve spool is put in its place.

This process completely eliminates the need to stop the diaper line to replenish the supply of elastic material. The material cost savings and efficiency gains are tremendous!

elastic over end feed diagram
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