elastic unwind and over end feed creel equipment

Rolling Unwind - Elastic Feeding Equipment

The primary method of feeding rolled elastics in the diaper industry is rolling unwind. The spool of elastic rotated about its core to unroll material in a similar manner as flat web unwinds. Most rolling unwind equipment used with rolled elastics drive the surface of the spool.

The surface driven unwind simply follows the speed of the diaper line at some fixed speed ratio - usually about 1/4 line speed. The speed differential causes the elastic to elongate between the unwinder and the diaper line. This extremely simple feeding method is very reliable with virtually any rolled elastic material.

The compact design allows for very high thread capacities in a relatively small envelope. Custom back plate mount designs allow for tight integration with your line. Free standing models allow for convenient positioning near fork lift aisles or on mezzanines.

elastic rolling unwind diagram
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